NTC Mission

  • Implication:
    level designer
  • Durée Du Projet:
    15 jours
  • outils:
    UDK Editor

dans le cadre d’un test j’ai du en 15 jours réalise une map jouable. retrouvé ci-dessous deux video avec deux routes possible dans ce level.


Intro movie



In a futuriste society, The nanotechnology took a dominant place. These bodies nanoscopique are implanted in the corp of people of their birth. Create on the basis for helped the humanity. But the NTC company (Nano Technology Corporation) Leader of the market decided on it differently.


Listened to me. The mission is simple.You have to traversser the city and Join the NTC tower. Got back the computer and to go on the roof, Alpha will come to you recuperer.If all goes well, we speak again within 1 hour. Good luck soldier


First path



second path

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